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released December 6, 2016

All songs written and performed by Joseph Woods and Anna Parino, produced by Joseph Woods.

Rocks' features Hannah Jakes and Liam Rickard, and was produced by Niko O' Brien of Upcycled Sounds.

'The Bonambuie' is a traditional song, learned from Anne Briggs.




Jay Sunaway London, UK

The UK's foremost space-folk collective

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Track Name: Moonwards
Eyes up for clearer flying
Because you've gone and got yourself knocked off your rocket
You've gone and missed your stop
Eyes up you tinfoil hero
Because you're space-cadetting slow-mo
Knowing moonwards is the only way to go

And halfway there you give up all too easily
What have you done?
Nothing special far as I can see

Eyes up to break through atmospheres
You've been foggy all your life
But this evening you could cut it with a knife

Eyes up for signs of movement are but a twinkle in your eye
And your skybox is for looking at the sky

Eyes up for better weather
For all beneath the sun hate to think of the half of what you've done

What have you done but give up all too easily?
And halfway there going moonwards far as I can see
Track Name: Rocks
Though we might have been making little sparks
We're just banging rocks together and don't remember how to start
Thought we might have seen firelight creeping in
We no longer laugh about it
You just smirk and I just grin

The devil had been with me
And let a little firelight in
I've still his number
But I won't want to be calling him

I have been no stranger to tricking of the light
It's more than taste it's more than touch
It's knuckle down and feel the bite
But my tastes are simple
So you've got to go
I'd pay good money just to forget the half of what I now now

Because I'm no urban fox
And I can't live on only rocks
But I can shriek like demons that tower over tower blocks

But I'd be howling at the daftest things
Oh I'd be howling
Track Name: Invisible Ink
It's the first real day of Summer
And you've covered your eyes and you've turned up your collar against it
You must be up to something
You make me think on invisible ink and bookcodes and lemons

I thought the rain would never end
And grey unsettling snow
I'd be the first to turn my back on invisible ink and bookcodes and lemons

And I'd tell you all my secrets
And I'd ask you all my questions

And you'd tell them inside out
And you're asking for some trouble

And you could play the lead
But I'd do a lot between takes, out of shot, out of sight
But I could take the slight
For I'd get my due when I'm running with you of an evening's undercover

And what a scene that you've planned out
If I could get a word in
I could recite the whole thing back
Running with you of an evening's undercover

And we're going to need a story
And it better be a good one

And when everything is made up
Will our names still be remembered?

Don't ask me how I know
But the man on the train with the strange foreign name has been watching us
So when we reach the station
You go left I'll go right and we'll catch the first flight out of here
Goodbye England

And when the leaves begin to turn
I'll come in from the cold
That's when we'll turn to foreign lands
Catch the first flight out of here
Goodbye England

And we'll travel on false passports
Sell the story to the paper

With no time to talk it over
It had better be a good one
Track Name: Madame Monsieur
Six in the morning in quiet attack
Madame Monsieur is packing her bags
She says everyone here is one of kind
I'll go somewhere where there's by kind to find

Oh oh no no
Madame Monsieur doesn't know where to go

Over the ocean and over the sea
Madame thinks man it is good to be free
I've got nothing to hold me and nothing to care
She still sometimes wishes there was somebody there

The years as they pass leave a trace on her mood
Such a hard game is this trivial pursuit
But Madame Monsieur, far from living in fear
Is sure to find love in the course of a year

Many a story has ended it's said
With some people living and some people dead
But our heroine's fate was, she thought she was done
When Madame Monsieur found Monsieur Madame

So the lesson we learn if there is one at all
Is sometimes it seems we continue to fall
But there's no use to keep feeling sorry and glum
Believe in yourself and the good things to come
Track Name: Fish of the Sea
And in the city where they don't know my name
She'll have the usual and I'll have the same

(And away-o my lassie-o, away-o my lassie-o)

And my cat-like reflexes are not what they were
And all of my table talk is wasted on her

And down by the shore where the sea meets the shale
The squalling of seabirds and the rattling of sails

Then she'll grow more distant as she's closer to me
Know how I feel all you fish of the sea

And would you guess what I saw?
Can't think so clearly when I'm too long ashore
And could you sleep in the sand?
Don't feel so clever when I'm too far inland

I had a girl when I lived by the sea
She swore like a fisherwife when talking to me

My lifejacket's leaking, my mainsail's collapsed
Warped are my compasses and lost are my maps
Track Name: The Bonambuie
Oh the bonambuie that never broke out on a drinking bout
Might as well have drunk
For his bones lie thrown on a naked stone
Where he lived all alone like a hermit monk
Oh the bonambuie, I pity your lot
Though they say that a sot like myself is cursed
I was sober a while
But I shall drink and be wise
For I fear I may die in the end of the thirst

No it's not for the kind bird that I would mourn
Nor the blackbird, the corncrake or the crane
But the bonambuie who is shy and apart
And who drinks from the marsh on the lone bog trail
But if I had known you were near your death
While my breath held out I'd have run to you
But the splash in the lake of the son of bird
Your soul would have brought to life again

And my true love told me to drink no more
Or my life would be over in a little while
It's the taste of the whisky
Gives me health and strength
And could lengthen my road by many's the mile
You can see how the bird of the long, thin neck
How he gets his death from the thirst at last
So console not my soul, but fill up your glass
For you'll get no more sup when this life has passed