My Maps

by Jay Sunaway

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released August 6, 2015




Jay Sunaway London, UK

The UK's foremost space-folk collective

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Track Name: My Maps
And when the gales tear up all your sails
and all your ships are all but ripped asunder
I’ll be on land with my charts and my plans
I’ll be snowed in but I’ll never be snowed under
I’ll be snowed in but I’ll never be snowed under

I’m not at my best, boys
I fear we’ll be sunk in the end
I’m all sent west, boys
The spot has been marked by an ex-girlfriend
She’s halfway to Spain in some pouring sea rain
And I’ll be stuck here poring over my maps
My maps! Come home boys
(lowlands! Lowlands away my john)

I suffer to see you all so lost at sea
But I’ve found my direction at last
And I know nothing good can come out of the blue
but you can always bank on the shipping forecast
you can always bank on the shipping forecast

row boys row or the storm will lay you low
but I’m home dry in my shanty seaside dive
with hair of the dog that bit me
but you’re so good at keeping me alive
and you’re so kind for keeping me alive
Track Name: Old True Love
Come in come in my old true love
Come in and tell me how you’re ding
Well it’s been three quarters
Of a long old year
And I’ve so much I want to hear

I do still see my forward friends
But I don’t rely on them to teach me
I’m keeping busy
And you’ll find me changed
You’ll find I’m better with age

The walls were thicker over there
And the weather wild
For every bottle sunset red I sank
You said oh, you’re like a little child

When you were mine my old true love
When your head lay on my chest
The falling of your arm
Could make me believe
That the sun rose up in the west

Many stars shall jingle in the west
Many leaves below
Many damns shall light upon a man
If he treats a poor girl so
Track Name: Peregrine Point
I don’t like to wait for my little miracles
Too bad for me!
She likes to strike when the iron’s cooling off
Too bad for me!

Up on the downs she will find me
Where she’ll always be half an hour late
And then only by my shadow can she suss me out
As by peregrine point I’ll wait

Give me a week and I’m sure I’ll muddle through
But she didn’t fall for Thomas and she will not fall for you

She’s slow to wake and she doesn’t like surprises
But I like to rise when the sun she rises