Nothing Starts Here

by Jay Sunaway

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released March 3, 2015




Jay Sunaway London, UK

The UK's foremost space-folk collective

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Track Name: That Actor
My butterfingers tightly curled are clinging tightly to the world
and in the catching of my breath a little smile
I wish that I was pocket-sized
because with gritted teeth and unfocused eyes
I’ve stood here all but speechless for quite some while

to hear it all laid out like that
as though someone had to say it
I could gladly be your fool
If I could be your favourite

across the bar my eye was caught
she said you must get this a lot
but in this light you look just like that actor
I said it has been said before
but is he not 44?
she said ‘it’s ok, he’s such a funny man’

she said have you met my man
I’d knock him down if I were able
But far from me to go breaking chairs
Far from me to flip the table
Track Name: Light Summer Beer
I once had a little character
She wore my edges off
Even those I needed there
Oh well! I’m all edge now

I know every way to go to waste
And I’ve got good taste, I know
Oh my god, I’ve been here all day
And I’ve not made straight at all
I’ve had 15 days to go to waste
And I’ve got good taste I know
Oh my god I’ve been here all day
And I’ve not made straight at all
And nothing starts here (over light summer beer)

So it’s light summer beer for my character
To blow the cobwebs out
Even though I like them there
I know I can’t live like that
Track Name: Anatomy
I’ve had the dullest of years
I’ve shown all I can achieve through self-reliance
And I’ve been asking the stupidest of questions
I’ve been trying hard to answer using science

And, for all the help it gives, inside my body my liver lives
The knee bone’s connected to the shinbone
It all just somehow works
And, for all the good it does, inside my body my heart will buzz
The knee bone’s connected to the shinbone
It all just somehow works

Today I’ll claim some of those places out in space
As yet unknown and not yet owned by the queen
But she’ll say I couldn’t even find the north star
All the stars that I have seen are on a screen

She said I’d let myself go
But I know it’s recoverable
She said ‘did you know glass is actually liquid?
It’s just slow, irreversible’

The knee bone’s connected to the shinbone
the shinbone’s connected to the footbone
the footbone’s connected to my toes
And it all just somehow goes
Track Name: Pond Diving
She said I’ve been boasting
And she won’t believe a word
And I could talk through the night
But she’d no desire to try it out

But I can hold my breath for hours
I can leap over every river
And it’s such a waste of all those skills
If you don’t take me out

Just cos there’s sunshine on the wall
That’s no guarantee at all of pleasant weather
I’ve been pond diving every day
Chasing all the fish away
Don’t say you’ve never tried

This has been a nightmare
I cannot say a word
And I cannot move, not an inch
And I cannot think of the easy out

But if I’m not such a charmer
I’m a great afternoon drinker
And it’s such a waste of such a skill
If you don’t take me out